[:en]If you are working with Cunard, you may receive flight arrangements with a lot of time hanging out at Heathrow Airport, or in a nearby hotel lobby with nothing to do there.

Just in case you feel like a bit of London, here are my closest suggestions. One is to take the Picadilly line and get off in South Kensington to visit the Victoria & Albert and/or Natural History Museum. The other one is to head to Richmond upon Thames, a very beautiful little town on the Southern side of the river. It doesn´t take long to get there!

Drop your luggage at the Express Baggage storage facility available in the airport´s arrival terminal, right after having gone through customs and out. Walk to the tube station. Best case scenario you already do have an oyster card, if not, I highly recommend it if you plan future visits, because it saves you so much time when boarding the tube/metro/subway and buses. I always have mine pre-loaded and recharge some money once in town (never in LHR, that takes too long, queues). And what´s on will stay there for years, you can get an online statement automatically, it is your personal account. I love Oyster card.

To get to Richmond, take the tube to Hounslow East, the Picadilly line, only 4 stations.
From there, turn left and walk down Kingsley Road.
Where it ends, turn left again into London Road and cross the entrance/exit of the bus station
You are at where the H37 stops that takes you directly into Richmond.

There are a few stops in town, but just make sure you know where the returning bus leaves from. Saying so as there are one-way streets in Richmond, so the bus for the opposite direction is departing from a different street!

In Richmond you find pure beauty. 
The river Thames shore! Go for a walk, go rowing, sit in a café, sit on the grass in one of the parks (e.g. “Terrace Field”) overlooking the river and landscape
Go for a Pub Lunch, e.g. in Roebuck (Richmond Rd/Richmond Hill) or any of the other many sweet little places
Window shop through the nice small places, open Sunday´s too (or real shopping of course)
Stroll through the lovely villages roads… 
Go into one of the other parks, e.g. Richmond Green – or head into amazing Richmond Park full of “real” wildlife” (there are bikes for rent in town at some places, try rivershore)

Don´t forget the time ;), as a visit to Richmond feels like a vacation. 

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