Travel Design is one of my special fields of expertise

  • Where do you like to travel to?

Als travel agent and with my “German efficiency” I support you and your group planning your travels.

With pleasure I draw up your customized voyage.

Do you need professional support planning and leading your companies anniversary and a trip to celebrate the event?

Would you like to give away and intentive voyage to your team members?

Are you planning very special trip for your wedding anniversary or as a birthday surprise?

Or is it another occasion for you to travel to a special area with a private program?

I offer you tailor made travel arrangements and the realization with me as multilingual and very experienced travel attendant.

Adventure, experience, culture, city or countryside, let me know what I may organize exclusively for your!

All that much I bring in my positive experience and many contacts from areas, to which I myself travelled intensely, like for instance:

  • Argentina > Buenos Aires as well as specially Salta & Jujuy, Iguazu, Patagona including Tierra del Fuego island
  • Chile > specially the Chilean Fjordas, Patagonia
  • Antarctica
  • Gdansk (Poland)
  • Lago Maggiore (Italy)
  • Odessa (Ukraine)