A Selection


Project: Legislative Election Argentina

Location: Hamburg, Consulate General of Argentina

Job: International Electoral Assistant  / 2017


Project: “Tag ohne Grenzen” (= Day without Barriers) – public event over 2 days for handicapped athletes

Location: Hamburg, town hall square

Job: Looking after presenter (program)  / 2015

Client: BUK (Professional association emergency hospital Hamburg), DRS (German wheelchair sport association), DGUV (German statutory accident insurance)


Project: Konspirative KüchenKonzerte (filming a tv show)

Location: Hamburg

Job: Artist Relation / 2010

Client: Hirn und Wanst


Project: IV. Kaltstart Theater Festival

Location: Hamburg

Job: Artist Relation / 2009

Client: Der Kaltstart


Project: IAATO Membership (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators)

Location: Antarctica

Job: IAATO Observer, for the certification of MS Hanse Explorer as future IAATO member / 2009

(Associate B1 Members are required to carry an IAATO-approved Observer on one trip during the first Antarctic season)

Client: International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators

End client: Oceanstar


Project: Wassertage (“Water Days”), for Fundraising

Location: Hamburg

Job: Production: Wassergala Schmidt Theater (Stage Manager, Artist Relation), Football match Kaiser Chiefs vs. Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli Allstars, / and more, approx. 40 different events program / 13 days 2007

Client: Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli


Project: FIFA Confederations Cup 

Location: Frankfurt, Stadium and Hotel Maritim

Job: Volunteer for the 2 weeks of the games, dept. Protocoll at the Frankfurt venue, taking care of VIPs at the stadion, as well as in the FIFA headquarter / 2005

Client: OK FIFA WM2006


Project: “Red Hot & Dance” (AIDS benefit event)

Location: Hamburg – CCH

Job: Artist Relation of 9 musical acts, Stage Director show program, Team Leader artist bodies / 2003

Client: m&p productions

End client: Big Spender



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