Detailed local information compilation

Up to date and freshly put together only for you – You will be fully informed

The situation is getting serious: 
You will soon go abroad for a few weeks or even months and off into unknown territory, staying e.g. in a furnished appartment. Long work days are awaiting you. You will not have any time to get to know your neighbourhood or organize every day things on the side, nor have time to think about the fun factor, leisure time.

The optimization:
I do it for you, I will get you the vital information!
I offer an individualized research, local enquiries, orientated and lined out for your business trip and your special surrounding (accommodation and work address).

Why this offer?
Because as a project manager abroad I was several times in this awkward situation and sometimes I despaired or searched for the information in vain. Or not, when I didn’t even get to take the time. That annoyed me every time and such I am creating remedy:

  • Where is a good dry cleaner and washing facility, who maybe even delivers?
  • Are there any food shops that will fit my work schedule, nearby or further away? Maybe also a delivery service?
  • Transfers, public transportation, options, alternatives with realistic travel times, schedules, best routing and means of transportation to get from here to there – what works, what doesn’t?
  • Is there anything I can sign up for prior to my travels to save time? Like public transportation, bicycle rent, fitness center
  • Where is the next service provider for problems with mobile phone/computer/internet?
  • Where can I find out about locally advertised events?
  • Where is THE souvenir shop for the quick shopping and what is the most typical for the town I am in?
  • What is the culinary highlight I should or like to try?
  • How is the waste management plan in this city?
  • Can I come with my own car? Is it safe, how are the parking options and cost? And how is the situation at my clients office?
  • Which options are there for doing sports, in case I spontaneously have time and will?
  • Local customs and possible security 

Are you interested too?

How does it work?
I travel ahead of you for a compact intense site inspection. Onsite I lead conversations with locals for recommendations, compare and test options, walk every single street in your future environment from one end to the other (and back on the other side) and spy what is important.

And then, how does it continue?
You receive detailed information, in written, with photos and videos, web links – of the places important for you,with schedules and results of the research.

What’s so great about this?
When you look at the information tailormade for you prior to your arrival and your business trip, once you arrive you will have the feeling you have been in the area before! And when you want to do something for your every day life you already have answers and do not need to start searching (maybe in a foreign language). You can directly and freely head for your destination and be confident.
Spontaneous end of working day? Thanks to the information already provided you can immediately aim for it and take full advantage of the time/hours. 

But isn’t all that information available in the internet?
No – There are quite a number of information gaps and traps. And outdated wrong information. Besides: you have to find it! With me as your personal location scout you are better prepared than via online search with results that can only be incomplete. You get up to day data from me. And who knows, maybe also an insiders’ tip.

You will not miss anything that is important to you and can enjoy your private time with barely any leisure time, best possible. For more life quality on business trips. With me as your local scout you are saving you and your secretary a long-winded hunt through the internet, with results that can only be incomplete. You will not miss out on anything important to you and make the most of both your business and recreation time.

Then give me your key data for the next voyage and I will send you an offer.

How does it work, timewise?
Lead time of 4-8 weeks would be ideal for the site inspection, but in case I am available and your project comes in spontaneously, it can be done on shorter notice.
Right after the site inspection the freshly collected data and information will be compiled and made available to you soonest.

To hit the ground running  


Abroad (outside of Germany, worldwide)
I am fluent in German (mother tongue), English and Spanish.
Besides I can communicate well smalltalking in French. Reading Russian.